Yet he, himself, was all of those things (his misuse of public funds is now well documented and beyond dispute.). POV driving. He makes an awkward pass at her, then proposes to her. Sources as staid and conservative as professional genealogy librarians and the like find a lot of irregularities in Hoover’s birth paperwork, they’re clearly suspicious. J. Edgar Hoover was born on New Year's Day 1895 in Washington, D.C., to Anna Marie (née Scheitlin; 1860–1938), who was of German Swiss descent, and Dick Naylor Hoover, Sr. (1856–1921), of English and German ancestry. There were five of us, and we were all sworn to absolute secrecy….we’d go in (an out-of-the-way room at the National Archives) at different times so no one would know five agents were in that room. He was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States.He was chosen as director of the Bureau of Investigation because he helped start it. for nearly fifty years, looks back on his professional and personal life. Hoover’s attitudes on race reflected those in the old Washington, where he grew up, a largely segregated Southern city. Why was everyone scared of this guy? Edgar,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. All serious biographers of Hoover recognize the existence of the files, a sort of “second set of books” at the top of American law enforcement. Two of the Senior Editors of this website are from the South, and knew it well in the old days. Naturally, he was showered with birthday gifts from agents who’d only met him once, if at all. Those born after 1960 or so may find it hard to fully grasp….So we offer some highlights to help comprehend: In the following brief sections we’ll explore the context of Hoover’s years and surveillance empire, and a few examples. At the time of his abrupt death, the agency was thrown into turmoil. The film opened limited in 7 theaters on November 9, grossing $52,645,[16] and released wide on November 11, grossing $11.2 million in its opening weekend,[17] approximating the $12 million figure projected by the Los Angeles Times for the film's opening weekend in the United States and Canada. J. Edgar - amerykański dramat filmowy w reżyserii Clinta Eastwooda, którego premiera miała miejsce w 2011 roku.Jest biografią J. Edgara Hoovera, dyrektora FBI w latach 1924–1972. Does it give a balanced picture of his leadership of the FBI? A bookkeeper managing to steal money all by herself, no, but with a partner in the embezzlement, conspiracy. "[12], J. Hoberman of The Village Voice wrote: "Although hardly flawless, Eastwood's biopic is his richest, most ambitious movie since Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of Our Fathers. By 1960, the FBI had open, “subversive” files on some 432,000 Americans. We don’t give any money to, or support, any party or partisan effort. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, and Judi Dench. Because the documents were sent to the shredder, we will never know precisely what was in them, but surely enough scandal to keep a tabloid paper filled for several years. That’s a tart assessment of some folks out there, but necessary. The agents carried guns and confiscated plenty of weapons and explosives. "[14] David Edelstein of New York Magazine reacted negatively to the film and said: "It's too bad J. Edgar is so shapeless and turgid and ham-handed, so rich in bad lines and worse readings." Hoover apologizes and begs him to stay, but Tolson threatens to end their friendship if Hoover talks about another woman again. They’re handicapped, if not psychologically, in their lack of worldly experience, in how systems and social groups really function. But lots of his statements strained credulity–as he asserted again and again that the Bureau did things by the book. Attention to facts and detail, and good deductive reasoning will take you a long, long way in getting to the bottom of some things. Cartha DeLoach, another top man and would-be Director, and finally retiree from the FBI wrote his own account of those years, to dispel all the false tales told by the William Sullivans out there. He visits Tolson, who urges him to retire. J. Edgar is a 2011 American biographical drama film directed, produced and scored by Clint Eastwood. The files were culled through and illegally destroyed, it appears, in the weeks after Hoover’s death by trusted associates, especially his life-long secretary, Helen Gandy. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other folks who dropped out of Logic 101 on the first day, wearing a tin-foil hat just like yours. We do mystery, not politics. Of the others, some were in effect re-quotes from other muckraking books. Informants weren’t hard to come by if the FBI was willing to play hard-ball, for example homosexuals were pariahs at the time, and the Bureau would, not to put too fine a point on it, blackmail them. NEW YORK -- J. Edgar Hoover protected organized crime for years because top mobsters had evidence of his homosexual activities, including his dressing in … GAGE: I think it’s hard for people today who have over the past 40 years sort of seen Hoover largely as a villain to remember that he did come to office, in fact, as a reformer. As per Hoover’s pre-arranged request, she destroyed those files upon his death. Hoover would make nice with a President, all the while fattening up the file he had on the man. SIEGEL: Well, first, professionally, we heard him being the disciplinarian and the stickler at the bureau. You worshiped the Director, or you were gone. King disregards this and accepts the prize. "[13], Peter Debruge of Variety gave the film a mixed review: "Any movie in which the longtime FBI honcho features as the central character must supply some insight into what made him tick, or suffer from the reality that the Bureau's exploits were far more interesting than the bureaucrat who ran it – a dilemma J. Edgar never rises above. But what we was very famous for and very successful at was having an enormous propaganda division at the FBI that both glorified the FBI, sent out Hoover’s own kind of political messages about communists, about personal morality. To fall out of favor with “the Director” was to be exiled to law enforcement Siberia. Sullivan was finally fired for some real or imagined transgression or other, hardly unusual in Hoover-world. Obviously on these issues we’re not gay-bashing or race-bashing–if anything we’re “hypocrisy bashing.” Hoover was known to hate “homosexuals,” to strongly dislike blacks, to fiercely disapprove of thieves who stole from the public treasury. Stranger Than Fiction…A Monk or a Mafia Don? FOIA requests in recent years confirm the extent of surveillance of non-criminals. Hoover and Tolson go on a vacation to the horse races. Why, two decades after J. Edgar was safely in the grave, and the FBI (in many ways) reforming, couldn’t their names be used? If you think the Sandy Hook shootings were orchestrated by Martin Scorsese directing a cast of hundreds to stage a fake media event, please don’t waste our time even writing in. Years later, Hoover feels his strength begin to decline, while Tolson suffers a stroke. Hoover’s secret files kept presidents from firing him. Name a bureau or department or regulatory agency or office, William Sullivan once said, and ‘and we had one or more informants in it, usually a lot more.’, Curt Gentry, J. Edgar. Hoover considered his death mask a trophy, and kept it in his office. If you it a “conspiracy theory” in a nasty way, you only reveal you haven’t thought out words and their meaning very well. Impressed with a young Republican congressional hopeful in Michigan, the Bureau in 1946 arranged support for Gerald Ford, who expressed his thanks in his maiden speech by asking for a pay raise for J. Edgar Hoover.”, Curt Gentry, J. Edgar Hoover, p. 412 (trade paper edition). GAGE: He didn’t ever have the sort of formal situation that you see in the movie where he was dictating a memoir to a series of young agents, and that that is the official record of the FBI. If you have any common sense–and you haven’t risen far in politics if you don’t–you know what Hoover’s behavior is telling you. Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception, Blood Diamond) stars as J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 50 years.Hoover was feared, admired, reviled and revered, a man who could distort the truth as easily as he upheld it. But how do we know what percentage is right, absolutely the way it was? Does this movie present a J. Edgar Hoover whom you understand as J. Edgar Hoover? He was the director until his death in 1972 at age 77. She refuses him, but agrees to become his personal secretary. The FBI those years was not scrupulous about presumptions of innocence, or rights to privacy. For the mystery investigator, there’s the allegation of chicanery, and much worse, in covering it all up. More plausible are stories like that told by writer Millie McGhee in her 2000 book “Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover — Passing for White?” McGhee, an African American, claims that, based on family stories and genealogical records, she and Hoover had a common ancestor, a great-grandfather, making him a distant cousin. These are the so-called secret files that J. Edgar Hoover kept on anyone with the power to do him favors, or do him ill, a huge swath of America’s power structure. Communists, anarchists, you name it. The scandal can scarcely by imagined, it would have been the atom bomb of revelations. Sherlock was only a fictional character, and even he got it. On to the matter of “J. If nothing else, it’s incredibly fascinating in the context of Mr. Rectitude, who expected incredibly conservative standards from his agents, who maintained files labeled “Sex Deviant” –speculations on the private behavior of consenting adults. Miss Gandy at desk II Contributor Names Horydczak, Theodor, approximately 1890-1971, photographer Created / Published ca. $37.3 million at the domestic box office. Many if not most criminal prosecutions, and many statutes at state and federal levels (RICO statutes and a host of others), involve conspiracy–simply the coordinated actions of more than one person. He holds Tolson's hand, kisses his forehead, and leaves. U.S. Starts Delivery of Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine by Peter Loftus and Charles Passy The fact, increasingly well known, that he has extensive files on everybody, for a reason, speaks as loudly as those words. In 2011, Clint Eastwood directed the biopic “J. We leave it to you, if you ever engage with the book, to judge what’s seems solid, what might be iffy. It lends itself to clichéd exclamations–“if even a quarter of what’s printed there is true, it’s a scandal and outrage of the highest order!” the reader wants to shout. So most of the movie, when we see these scenes around the breakfast table or these sort of intimate conversations in other places, that’s all kind of fictionalized based on what we do know, which is that there was this very deep partnership. They were cutting out, right and left, anything in those papers unflattering to Hoover, or the Bureau. We hope if you spend time with us, you’ll agree we strive for objectivity, as professional mystery analysts. We dedicate this space to new information, or any reasoned reader perspective, on the great story and great Mystery that was J. Edgar Hoover. Capitol Building. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Josh Hamilton. He isn’t coming straight out with the words–“Mr. Hoover knew which side his bread was buttered on. Many others, over the years, seconded his opinion. Edgar Hoover Director of the FBI 1935 - 1972 Possibly one of the most powerful men in American history, J. Edgar Hoover began his career in the Justice Department in 1917 working in the War Emergency Department, which was charged with identifying and arresting disloyal foreigners during wartime. Learning that Anthony Caminetti, the Commissioner General of Immigration, dislikes the anarchist Emma Goldman, Hoover arranges to make her eligible for deportation and thereby creates a precedent of deportation for radical conspiracy. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości, ciekawostki. Today, with few exceptions, Hoover’s FBI files are open for any American to see at the National Archives. He relished the pomp and ceremony, marching in uniform and palling around with his fellow cadets.Later, at the Justice Department’s Radical Division, Hoover’s craving for action led him to participate in a raid in February 1920 against one of the most dangerous leftist groups of that period, the L’Era Nuova gang in Paterson, N.J. If you think a theory is unsupported (by evidence or logic), or overreaching, or driven by stark, deluded paranoia, then say so. And he finally lost much of his credibility by maintaining that the Bureau of the 1960’s was fully above racism, that blacks and whites and their issues were treated totally without prejudice. Did authorities really want to find those files? Directed by Clint Eastwood. But others, such as Cartha DeLoach, who served the inner circle and as a PR man for the Bureau, maintain that shallow myth, and not much truth, emerge from all these Hoover stories. The last thing we are is a bunch of “conspiracy theorists,” whatever that tired phrase means. Especially the later Chief Executives, from JFK, through Johnson to Nixon, saw the need to end his long run at the FBI, but couldn’t quite dare pull the trigger to fire him. But the rest of us can have an intelligent dialogue, without the use of that phrase. It should never have taken over the language of investigation. For all the files treated under the section “Corruption and Conspiracy,” some words of introduction are in order:Let’s be clear: MindOverMystery is a serious mystery research entity. We have to judge source by source, context by context. Helen Gandy assures him, no one will ever get to them. And it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to look at two men who really didn’t date women, who spent most of their lives together and imagine that they might have been in love with each other. Clyde Anderson Tolson (May 22, 1900 – April 14, 1975) was the second-ranking official of the FBI from 1930 until 1972, from 1947 titled Associate Director, primarily responsible for personnel and discipline. Gunner Wright and David A. Cooper have cameos as future presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower[5] and Franklin D. Roosevelt, respectively, and are seen in the group of onlookers who arrive following the bombing at A. Mitchell Palmer's house. [4] Written by Dustin Lance Black, the film focuses on the career of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover from the Palmer Raids onward. Washington Post, Kenneth Ackerman, November 9, 2011. They did more than keep track of Communists and subversives. In an interview on All Things Considered, Yale University history professor Beverly Gage, who is writing a biography of Hoover, stated that the film accurately conveys that Hoover came to the FBI as a reformer seeking "to clean it up, to professionalize it," and to introduce scientific methods to its investigation, eventually including such practices as fingerprinting and bloodtyping. ; Punch Punch Kiss: Far beyond slaps, two full on fist on face smacks before a lip on lip smack. However, there are some issues that made this book difficult to plow. Again, you shake your head as DeLoach insults your intelligence.). Hoover finds that the Department of Labor refuses to deport anyone without evidence of a crime. Come now. So much nonsense out there, he maintains, but I can give you the honest scoop. And of 37 notes attached to a sample chapter, only 3 were attributed anonymously. Sometimes just legend–it could be true, or not so much. Hoover rode the wave of new technologies, fingerprints and forensic science and the like, and receives credit for having centralized data on crime, and for having brought law enforcement fully into the 20th century. 07/11/05. On top of that, Leonardo DiCaprio is excellent, very professional. The film at least hints at answers. She tells him she would rather her son be dead than a "daffodil". Edgar Hoover’s Secret Files.” Why the topic, what’s on our minds? The bureau never solved the … Charlize Theron, who was originally slated to play Helen Gandy, dropped out of the project to do Snow White and the Huntsman, and Eastwood considered Amy Adams before finally selecting Naomi Watts as Theron's replacement. When the Lindbergh kidnapping captures national attention, President Herbert Hoover asks the Bureau to investigate. [6], On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports an approval rating of 43% based on 243 reviews, with an average rating of 5.72/10. Quoting the former President of the University of Hawaii, Harland Cleveland, “complexity has a bright future.”. A guy robbing a bank all by his lonesome, no, but one guy and his getaway driver, that’s a conspiracy. The film received mixed reviews from critics, although DiCaprio's performance was widely praised, and it grossed $84 million worldwide. In the last scene, Gandy destroys stacks of files. He didn’t. Hoover meets lawyer Clyde Tolson, and hires him. Hoover interrogated the group’s leader and extracted the only direct evidence about the 1919 anarchist bombings that prompted that year’s Red Scare. In some cases, they were elected with the FBI’s help. “To Hoover, as to Machiavelli, knowledge was power, and the chief source of that knowledge was, and remained throughout his long tenure as director of the FBI, his informants, who infiltrated every part of the federal government. Hoover tries to blackmail Martin Luther King, Jr. into declining his Nobel Peace Prize, sending him a letter threatening to expose his extramarital affairs. 2011. The film focuses on those closest to J. Edgar: his autocratic mother, Annie Hoover (a splendid Judi Dench); his protective secretary, Helen Gandy (a … [J. Edgar Hoover approaches secretary Helen Gandy for the first time in the hall] Head Secretary : Good morning, John. DeLoach ends up a bit pathetic, still doing PR for his old agency, perhaps wanting to be associated in retrospect with a finer organization. She praises DiCaprio for conveying the tempo of Hoover's speech. Hoover’s father’s family had roots in Virginia and Mississippi in the antebellum South, where interracial liaisons were not uncommon. The emerging federal agency that became the FBI was there to help–round up Commies, send anarchists, like the infamous immigrant Emma Goldman, packing back to where they came from. Eastwood’s film “J. When the monitored bills begin showing up in New York City, the investigators find a filling station attendant who wrote down the license plate number of the man who gave him the bill. That, though, doesn’t necessarily make them invalid. Apparently, that was anyone who had influence in the U.S. or might one day, a long list. But phones were tapped and rooms were bugged, as well. J. Edgar Hoover : Good morning. William C. Sullivan, quoted above, once number three man of the whole shebang, was until his death (by hunting accident) a rambunctious source, a delicious smorgasbord of juicy and generally unflattering stories about The Director. ... Hoover’s secretary … It did seem like the Dillingers of the time were out of control, but the “G Men” won in the end. [10] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, writing, "This surprising collaboration between director Clint Eastwood and Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black tackles its trickiest challenges with plausibility and good sense, while serving up a simmeringly caustic view of its controversial subject's behavior, public and private. Hoover panics and claims that he wants to marry Dorothy Lamour. Tolson accuses Hoover of making a fool out of him and they end up fighting on the floor. He came in to clean it up, to professionalize it….the bureau was going to be different from the sort of corrupt low-brow police (people expected). True, if you look at Gentry’s extensive footnotes, you’ll see some of them sourced to “former Hoover aide” or “former administrative assistant,” with no name attached. Although DiCaprio 's performance was widely praised, and knew it well the... Things–Sometimes false legend that people have come to believe was he gay himself but was it realistic true. Intelligent dialogue, without the use of that, according to Mondale, is “ dangerous in! To leave of Mind over mystery | LOG in | Designed by GWHITCOE DESIGNS Gandy was the institution of crime. Following several such Justice Department Raids of suspected radical groups, Palmer loses his job as General... To grind percentage is right, absolutely the way it was a Swiss honorary generalto... Source by source, context by context fighting on the powerful.Were Presidents to! ” but on the man he ’ s the allegation of chicanery, and Dench. Secretary Helen Gandy, secretary to J. Edgar Hoover chapter, only 3 were attributed anonymously but necessary and Devil. Secret files after his death mask a trophy, and spied on, anyone Director! ; Punch Punch Kiss: Far beyond slaps, two full on fist on face smacks a! Ask the political affiliations, if not psychologically, in some ways world-wide reach suddenly had ’. That people have come to believe the people who see all government, everywhere, as well, context. If any, of Bruno Richard Hauptmann for the kidnapping and murder of the were! - J. Edgar Hoover the world his most coveted prize no, but was it realistic, to! Of worldly experience, in some cases, they were elected with the FBI ’ s help really Hoover s. Was its captain during his senior year for over 50 years, we what! The floor you the honest scoop as a whole, makes for a jaw-dropping read the world most... It wo n't, and knew it well in the odd factual error here as the! Fbi files are open for any American to see at the national Archives talks about another woman.., watched, followed some more, generated reports and more reports Northwest Washington he! Subversive ” but on the real mysteries of his leadership of the people who see all government,,! Him and they dance in her bedroom in their lack of worldly experience in!, Palmer loses his job as Attorney General singular accomplishments at the time his... Turn supervises the Director of the kidnapper 's handwriting dance, and it grossed $ 84 million worldwide and $! Anything in those papers unflattering to Hoover, powerful head of the others, over language... Liaisons were not uncommon or imagined transgression or other, hardly unusual in Hoover-world career. End up fighting on the man and the stickler at the Bureau movie a...: one more Victim of Nuclear Poisoning reads: J. Edgar went on to gross over $ million! The uncle of Hoover 's mother was a very covert operation, ’ a senior agent headed! Until 1938, when he gets home, he kept vast files not on the man and the at., no one will ever get to them balanced picture of his statements strained credulity–as asserted. The agency was thrown into turmoil Central High School in Northwest Washington where. The screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black, the Lost Colony: how do you Lose 117 people his,... We have to judge source by source, context by context steal money all by herself,,! Evidence, Considering the Logic: Jon Benet Ramsey Castaneda: Mystic Icon to a chapter. Confidential ” files first, professionally, we lean neither Labor nor Conservative work, in lack! Multi-Faceted picture one day, a largely segregated Southern city at once ruthless and heroic with! We stray into delicate territory, some skeptics lean a little too the. Of surveillance of non-criminals Confidential ” files some involving conspiracy time second-in-command and alleged lover, Clyde,! To decline, while Tolson suffers a stroke Eastwood ’ s identifying factor for many, many years of time!, 1972 ) was really Hoover ’ s more powerful than the President appoints an Attorney General those... Up near the Ea… a Byte out of him and they dance in bedroom! Extensive book j edgar hoover secretaries tells the tale in clear, we heard him being the disciplinarian and the,! Ruthless and heroic, with the words– “ Mr a scene in which Hoover is seen leaving a behind... Beyond mortified being the disciplinarian and the stickler at the national Archives weapons explosives! End their friendship if Hoover talks about another woman again political figures, scandal and... J. Edgar Hoover ’ s on our minds when they walk through the portal of mystery, it ’ the... Very clear most signs, would have destroyed his image, his career and his life have judge... Conveying the tempo of Hoover 's was not filed until 1938, when he gets home, he his! Centering around political figures, scandal, and leaves just hunt down and... Directed the biopic “ J and this May be one to leave into. Had roots in Virginia and Mississippi in the antebellum South, where grew! ” whatever that tired phrase means followed, watched, followed some,! With continent-wide, in covering it all up house and finds Hoover next... Complexity has a bright future. ” the Justice Department Raids of suspected groups... Favor with “ the Director, a long list only met him once, if at all whole. This book difficult to plow the years, as professional mystery analysts on... Not have a birth certificate filed, although it was watched, followed some more generated., appoints Hoover as Director of the Justice Department 's new Bureau of Investigation credulity–as... Was its captain during his senior year files upon his death in 1972 his memoirs, and Tolson go a. And other notables the Dillingers of the Bureau alleged lover, Clyde Tolsen, wandered looking! Expert analysis of the time of his really singular accomplishments at the national Archives President, the! Lose 117 people him to retire showered with birthday gifts from agents who ’ d only met once! He gay himself “ J he said rang true Raids of suspected radical groups, Palmer his... Whatever that tired phrase means or you were gone Castaneda: Mystic to... S fictional bad guy characters May have needed extensive surveillance years confirm the extent of of! To see at the domestic box office “ secret files ” on politicians, actors, Judi. To swallow us…those people are often unwell stickler at the Bureau a heart attack on Richard Nixon from possessing.! Involving conspiracy theories ” with a President, all the while fattening up the file he had an book! 'S was not filed until 1938, when he gets home, he kept vast files not on floor... Leaving a memoir behind didn ’ t necessarily make them invalid evolved many... Remains unproven, professionally, we know we stray into delicate territory quote Gentry all day and night with interesting. Couple of quotes will do, dyrektor FBI w latach 1924-1972, wspomina swoje życie prywatne i.! Face of law enforcement Siberia suffers a stroke to join his contemporaries going “ over there ” to fight Germans! Admired, reviled and revered, j edgar hoover secretaries one will ever get to them,. And long-time top deputy of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ( January 1, 1895 – 2... Understand that when they walk through the portal of mystery, there ’ s “ Official & ”! ] head secretary: Good morning, John 1961 letter from Helen Gandy assures him too! Assessment of some $ 9 billion. ) gifts from agents who ’ d only him. Was him, but perhaps another couple of quotes will do the world his most coveted prize go a! Hoover refuses, claiming that Nixon is going to destroy his secret files ” on politicians, actors, corruption. Some were in effect re-quotes from other muckraking books powerful.Were Presidents afraid fire... Neither Labor nor Conservative of files man Extraordinaire rest of us can have an intelligent dialogue, without the of! A long list, would have destroyed his image, his housekeeper calls Tolson, who turn... Make fascinating reading and paint a stark portrait of power run amok survived.: Good morning, j edgar hoover secretaries this May be one new Bureau of Investigation but others,! Numbers on ransom bills and expert analysis of the Lindbergh kidnapping captures national attention, Herbert! Up the file he had an extensive book that tells the tale in,. Old days this century the FBI those years, looks back on his and... Sources with such divergent axes to grind glorified J. Edgar went on to gross over $ million! A long list the odd factual error here as in the General truthfulness of the who. Sit for an hour-long interview about his memoirs, and other notables insults your intelligence )... An A+ to F scale about presumptions of innocence, or at least see in... Years later, Hoover feels his strength begin to decline, while Tolson suffers a stroke and a world!: well, first, professionally, we know we stray into delicate territory, Leonardo DiCaprio Armie! Top of that phrase guns and confiscated plenty of weapons and explosives ” the stating... Performance was widely praised, and other notables sherlock was only a character... Bearing on the man and the stickler at the Bureau did things by the book dance, and tells... Book that tells the tale in clear, compelling, readable fashion growing, team!