She also enjoys discussing this resear… She went under an assumed name after she was caught in the middle of her relative's dispute, and will tell the corps more about it if she chooses to. Hange orders three of the four squads present to watch Bertholdt so they can kill him when he comes out. Watch Queue Queue. ALIVE!!! This fits your . This led them to wear a small black eye patch over it. As it crushes and kills a Titan, Hange and Moblit cheer and rejoice in the success of the invention. Hange is later called to the other room to find Niccolo threatening to kill two Marleyan Warrior candidates. [43], Hange's drive for knowledge of Titans often aides them in acquiring information, they will spend hours studying Titan subjects and Eren Jaeger when he is transformed. [79], Hange interrogates Reiner about a case he had on his person, and Reiner claims it is a letter from Ymir to Historia, which Hange agrees to deliver. Eren manages to immobilize Annie at the base of Wall Sina, where she encases herself in an impenetrable crystal. They then charge in behind as Sasha uses flaming arrows to create a smoke cloud, and Armin fires flares to obscure them. It is revealed that Levi is holding Nick at gunpoint and he states that he will easily keep an eye on Nick. What happens when she starts falling for the crazy scientist in a world where this partnership is prohibited and looked down upon by the interior. The Commander, realizing that all is lost, orders his soldiers to pull back and return to Karenes District. But there's a lot of times when Hange is giving exposition and she's not as excitable as that character normally is. Hange admits that they are no longer Jean and the others' superior, but they are still the 14th commander of the Survey Corps. As the squad rejoices in their regained freedom, Hange remembers Peaure convincing Roy to make him print the proper article. This was last seen when Hange attempted to console Mikasa Ackerman by explaining their agony over the constant loss of their comrades - hugging her in sorrow. [8], Hange and Moblit observe Levi's ODM skills, Hange is among the many surprised recruits present when Levi, Isabel Magnolia, and Furlan Church are introduced to the Scout Regiment as new recruits. Hange is saved from the blast by Moblit, who pushes them into a well. Species Although his squad celebrates, Levi points out that they still do not have any leads on Eren and Historia, but Hange claims that they may have the answer to their predicament, revealing Erwin's report of his investigation into the Reiss family and explaining that the Reiss family was attacked and slaughtered on the day of Wall Maria's breach, with Rod being the only survivor. Erwin and Hange speculate that Grisha may have wanted to help humanity but was unable to, and ponder what is in the basement of his house in Shiganshina. Hange rouses themselves and asks for a map. This nigga loves titans like you don't even fucking know. [11], Hange later moves forward with their experiments on Eren. Gender [123], With little time left to act, the group hatches a plan to trick Floch into freeing the Azumabito mechanics so that they can activate the airship. [23], Hange points out the forest to the rest of the Scouts, Hange uses the map to point out a giant forest to the gathered Scouts. However, when Levi returns to them, he returns with Erwin, having chosen to save Armin. After hearing it was to free Eren, Hange reminds the four that his actions have given a reason for the other nations of the world to target them and endangered all their lives. Jean curses his decision to intervene, but Hange again reminds him that this was their choice. Armin Arlett/Hange Zoe; Mikasa Ackerman; Erwin Smith; Hange Zoë; Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) Armin Arlert; Eren Yeager; Crush; Love; Romance; First Time; Sweet; slow story build up; Mirwin; Anime; Manga; Erotic; Passion; Summary. [93], Another year passes and Hange takes the Survey Corps and meets with an ambassador from the nation of Hizuru named Kiyomi Azumabito. Hange begins questioning Nick on why the Titan is in the Wall and why he had kept quiet about it. The Female Titan lets out a deafeningly loud roar, leading numerous Titans begin to swarm the area and attack it. [95], Roughly a year later, the Survey Corps veterans journey to Marley's mainland to meet with Kiyomi. Hange correctly guesses that the two are spies working against Marley and is shocked to hear the one backing their efforts is none other than Zeke Yeager. [106], The Survey Corps officers later arrive at a restaurant and are told by Niccolo to wait in another room while he attends to his other guests. During the Battle of Shiganshina Hange's left eye was badly damaged; as a result, she now wears a fitted black eye patch with a thin strap to cover it. [49], Before they can continue, Erwin receives word that he has been accused of organizing a murder. Hange and Moblit travel to visit Erwin again, bringing news of the Reiss family's true status. [108], While helping bathe the Warrior candidate in a backroom, Hange hears Onyankopon call their name. After squad Levi escapes the Reiss caves and follows after a now Titan Rod, Hange is seen laying in one of the wagons, still wounded. When Sonny and Bean were killed, Hanji cried in her room alone, for a long time. Wall Rose Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that they often keeps tied up in an unkempt high ponytail with bangs parted down the middle. During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls, a Female Titan attacks the Survey Corps and decimates their ranks. After Annie is incapacitated, Hange stops Keiji from continuing to try and break open the crystal Annie encased herself in to avoid capture. It is notable that this song's subject deals with defying conventional gender stereotypes, which could reference Isayama's comments that he wants Hange's gender to be left ambiguous to the reader. And I have to really rein it in and make sure that I'm not too over the top. Yelena admits that Eren will likely be heading to Fort Salta, but she asks in exchange for Hange to admit that Zeke's euthanization plan was correct. Hange attends a meeting with other Scout Regiment members. Arriving in Orvud, the Garrison members stationed in the district are appalled to hear that the scouts do not want to evacuate the district, and Hange explains that the Titan is being attracted to the large populace, which is why they want to keep them in Orvud so they can direct where the Titan goes. Visibly shaken, Hange leaves the dungeon and enters a room, violently kicking over a table. As it is decided that they will have to kill Rod Reiss, Hange asks Historia if she is really okay with it. As their responsibilities continued to grow with their position as Commander, Hange more frequently showed signs of severe anger, stress, and exhaustion.[16]. They showed a psychotic side when giving a demented smile to Djel Sannes, telling him of the horrible pain Hange was going to cause him for what he did to Hange's friend, Minister Nick. By his apathetic reaction, Hange is able to deduce that Floch already knew about the wine, though he smugly instructs Hange to keep quiet. This makes Hange speculate if there are Titans all throughout the Walls. Hange reunites with their fallen comrades, Hange awakens on the trampled ground, worried for the flying boat and its occupants, but Erwin reassures them that it successfully departed and their sacrifice had paid off. They are then interrupted with news that Beane and Sawney were killed. Also, Hange is 8 years younger than Erwin. Mikasa uses this knowledge to cut through the backs of Reiner's knees, giving Eren an advantage in his fight. [78], Hange reappears to help Squad Levi as they attempt to fight the Armored Titan. Hange later appears leaving Trost District on another expedition with the Scout Regiment. As preparations for the flying boat near completion, Hange and the remaining Survey Corps soldiers equip their gear. [20], The members of the 104th are reluctant to suspect Reiner and Bertholdt, so Hange presses them for information regarding their behavior and any contact they might have had with Annie. Residence Name Armin suggests that if an operation were to be carried out at night, they may be able to make it to Wall Maria and have Eren plug the hole with his Titan body if he could harden it. However, he can give them a name of a person the Order was instructed to monitor. Commander (団長 Danchō?) Manufacturer recommended age 15 years and up Best Sellers Rank #231,608 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #11,533 in ... Smart and crazy (just like me), I had to add Hand Zoe to my collection. As Rod Reiss transforms into a Titan, causing the cavern to collapse, Levi orders Moblit and Armin to take Hange to safety while the rest of his squad saves Eren. Hange appoints Armin the 15th commander of the Survey Corps. Some misunderstands these acts of hers as eccentric and having more than a few screws loose in her head. They are horrified when the speaker begins calling for the hatred being shown towards Eldians worldwide to be redirected towards the Eldians living on Paradis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. was the 14th commander (団長 Danchō?) This change of character is often marked by Hange putting their glasses on top of their head, and their cheery nature can be seen returning when they put them back down. Ambiguous[4] Hange and Levi capture a soldier from the advance party of the first survey fleet, to use as a hostage. Twenty hours after Titans are sighted in Wall Rose, Hange is seen on a carriage with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Nick. Levi points out that Eren's body likely has a limit for what it can do, and Hange apologizes to Eren. [citation needed] This information had aided Hange in a great deal of their work with the Titans. Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ) Age: Unknown Gender: Unknown Birthday: September 5 Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Affiliations: Scouting Legion Scouting Legion's Squad Leader. To many people, Hange appears as an energetic and quirky scientist, with a unique way of conducting both themselves and their work. Hange interrogates Reiner about a case he had on his person, and Reiner claims it is a letter from Ymir to Historia, which Hange agrees to deliver. [70], On Erwin's orders, all the soldiers deploy. Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that is often kept tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. Hange and Moblit come to his aid, easily dispatching the three soldiers, and revealing that the "abandoned" buildings of Trost are actually full of citizens who have heard the police admit to framing the Scout Regiment.[29]. Hange is not a character with a solid personality; their emotions are often broadcast in the most intense way possible. He swears to Erwin that he will kill the Beast Titan, but Hange notes that Erwin has already died.[9]. Once at a safe distance, Hange observes the barrel as it descends into the district. Hange follows it and tries to communicate with it, but the Titan does not pay attention. Hange Zoë; Hanji Zoe; Petra Ral; Reader Insert Romance; Royal Blood; ackerbond; Spoilers; Slow Burn; soft angst; possibly sad ; Summary. 2 appearances; Attack on Titan: Junior High. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. [90], Hange learns of Yelena and Onyankopon's mission, Roughly a year after the retaking of Wall Maria, Hange brings the Survey Corps to the shore of Paradis Island to defend the coast from Marleyan interference. Hange asks Moblit Berner to make a sketch of it as Mikasa cuts Eren out, and declares the experiment to be over. See more of Hange Zoe on Facebook [97], During the Survey Corps' attack, Hange takes command of the airship functioning as the Corps getaway vehicle. Eventually they come into contact with a Titan that is unable to walk and follow the trail left by its crawling until they reach the edge of Paradis Island. After learning this, Hange sends Moblit to deliver the news to Erwin and then meet up with Levi and his squad. [92] Hange works closely with Onyankopon, Yelena and several other Marleyan soldiers for the next three years, incorporating modern means of transportation like ports and train tracks on the shores of the island. After surrendering himself, Niccolo asks Hange to rinse the wine from the mouth of the wounded candidate, revealing that the wine likely contains Zeke's spinal fluid. On the back of the image they find a note from Grisha, stating that the image is a "photograph" and that humanity has not been wiped out beyond the walls. Hange comes to the conclusion that his religion has been so opposed to Wall modifications because of what they know is inside the Wall. Though shaken by this revelation, Hange is able to complete the investigation and present their findings to Erwin and Dot Pixis. Two months after Historia's coronation, Hange is actively engaged in running tests on Eren's Titan hardening ability in preparation for their journey to Wall Maria. As a constantly busy person, Hange's hair is thrown up very quickly and is usually oily and unclean.Hange wears square, thick-rimmed glasses that have bands strapped around the head to keep them from dislodging during combat; but when out of combat they are replaced with thin oval shaped glasses. enjoy, kids. [62], Hange and Levi watch as Erwin cheers back at the citizens, After their return from the training ground, Hange participates in a meeting to debrief Survey Corps' officers on the information Instructor Shadis gave to them and Squad Levi. After the meeting ends, Hange meets with the officials in another room, where they are questioned about the contents of the bottle taken from Rod's bag. [15], Hange fires the special target restraining weapon, During the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, a Female Titan attacks the Scouts and decimates their ranks. [100] Although Eren had insisted that there is a better alternative to Zeke's plan to maintain the "Rumbling" by having Historia bear as many royal-blooded children as possible, Hange states that no other option has presented itself. [19], In Ehrmich, Hange takes stock of their situation and prepares their team for departure. Being able to transform into a Titan from an early age, Annie trained extensively under her father to become a skilled warrior. Hange quickly orders that they illuminate the Titan. When he states they have already lost, Hange reminds him with a smile that the Scouts have always had a losing record. This opens Reiner's mouth, allowing Mikasa to shoot her Thunder Spear inside and blow him out of his Titan's nape.[40]. Hange explains that Reiner and Bertolt came from the same area as Annie and that they were on the right flank of the expedition where Annie appeared as The Female Titan. Debut So erhält Hanji sogar ihre eigene Abteilung. Seeing Bertholdt emerge from the barrel, Hange attempts to go to attack him but Armin goes ahead of them, insisting that they try reasoning with him first. Their age may be the same in close in age with Levi, who happens to be in his early 30’s. Hange does not think it would be forgivable to leave such a problem for future generations. Underneath are three books, and together Eren and Mikasa open the first book and find a piece of paper inside. [60] After listening to Keith's story,[61] Hange angrily accuses him of retiring to the training camp out of feelings of obligation and inferiority to others and tells him not to bring his feelings of inferiority into this matter. Hange goes on to tell them that the royal capital and the administrative district are now under Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly's control and that there has been no counter-rebellion so far. Biological Information Hange orders the crystal containing Annie to be moved to safety and worries for the future of the Scout Regiment after the failure of this mission. [80], Just as Mikasa fires her flare, Zeke and the Cart Titan appear behind Hange and attempts to kill them. Affiliation So Hange is 28-29 years old. Hange fights relentlessly among their comrades but to no avail. Jean's continued objections cause Hange to become angry and scream their objection before apologizing. Here, the Scouts witness the sea for the first time. When Eren lashes out at him, Hange explains that Nick is now considering talking, so he is going to see what the effects of the current situation are doing to the people and Hange explains that he is probably keeping quiet because there is a motive greater than saving humanity. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Isabela 5.2 Hawke 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. [107] While Niccolo explains the reasons for his suspicion, Hange washes out the candidate's mouth. Chapter They can be seen as very hyperactive, often diving into projects without thought for personal safety (and frightening lots of subordinates in the process), … Hange asks him if he no longer cared about Historia, considering all the trouble he has caused by acting independently of the Survey Corps. in charge of the Fourth Squad, until the death of the 13th Commander - Erwin Smith - who named Hange as his successor shortly before. [25] However, seeing Eren's Titan hand later on earned an overly-excited response from Hange and breaks the tension between Eren and the Special Operations Squad. Hange Zoëハンジ・ゾエHanji Zoe She informs the two staff members that she now knows the newspaper is fiction controlled by the government, and claims she is going to break their hands, so they can no longer write, before realizing that they are in a position of fear, trying to protect their families. Although it appears to be a drawing at first glance, they note that it looks far too realistic. Moblit approaches them and Hange expresses their fear of the unknown, claiming not to have felt this way since their first time outside the Walls. Hange is later seen performing experiments on Eren's Titan form. Grade Hange believed they got along with Levi best among the Survey Corps soldiers. Although they are initially annoyed that word of their departure has spread, they are silenced by the sight or Erwin, ecstatic to have such fanfare for the corps, cheering along with the civilians. To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1 [75] Hange orders that they hit him again, but Armin warns them that they must flee. Hanji’s age may range from 25 to 30. Hange grabs a Titan's attention, promising that they will not hurt it, and when the Titan swings at them, Hange easily evades it and kills the Titan. No one knows Hanji's gender except Commander Erwin who have the profiles of everyone, Hanji's parents, and Levi because he checked himself. Solo: At least 2[5][6]In team: UnknownTotal: At least 2 Hange and Mikasa try to free him from the Titan, but find that his body has begun to fuse to it. Hange developed relationships with the Titans, and when they were killed Hange had a complete meltdown. Despite Furlan prompting him to socialise, Levi does not give Hange a real answer and instead pretends to be tired. Thanks to information left behind by Ilse Langnar, they were able to get authorization for operations to capture and study Titans in the Scout Regiment despite being turned down several times. [116], Hange offers cooperation to Magath and Pieck, While transporting Levi, Hange comes upon the Cart Titan and a Marleyan soldier before approaching them, insisting that Levi and themselves are harmless. Hange orders that they hit him again, but Armin points out a barrel that has just been thrown into the district. [68] Seeing a signal flare from Erwin, they order their squad to take up positions atop Wall Maria. [129] However, Hange was often reckless when working around Titans and because of this they would often endanger themselves and sometimes others. Within are three books, and together Eren and Mikasa open the first book and find a piece of paper inside. When they begin to devour her, Erwin orders all squads to engage the Titans and defend the Female to the death. The plan goes awry and Floch alerts the Yeagerists in the harbor that they are under attack. Age: 29 Gender: Non-binary Race: Human Class: Appearances [[{{{Appearances1}}}]] Type {{{Type}}} After capturing Annie, Hange goes to the ground and holds their sword to Annie's eye, telling her she is too far in to get Titans to devour and free her this time. ‘Attack on Titan’ creator gets the last word in debate over character’s gender Gendered pronouns work a bit differently in Japanese, as fans of the hottest anime of the moment are learning. Hange considers and agrees that if the group was small enough they could sneak all the way there. Yeager. It is notable that this song's subject deals with defying conventional gender stereotypes, which could reference Isayama's comments that he wants Hange's gender to be left ambiguous to the reader. Guessing that it was meant to look plain, the four search and uncover a small keyhole on the side of the desk that fits Eren's key. [8] Along with their eye patch, Hange wore square, thick-rimmed glasses that had bands strapped around their head to keep them from dislodging during combat. Hange orders everyone to use the Thunder Spears and finish off the Armored Titan. [33], Nick, after seeing the state of the citizens due to the Wall Rose breach, finally tells Hange and the other members of the Survey Corps about Historia and that she knows more about the Walls having Titans in them. 70 Hange Zoë HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Hange insists they must kill him immediately, but Jean continues to press the subject until Hange sends Mikasa to retrieve the serum. [20], Hange discusses alternative methods of Titan entry, The Garrison's advance squad arrives and Hannes informs the Scouts that there is no hole in the Wall, at least not between Trost and Krolva Districts. The Walls must be made of humongous Titans and their surface is constructed with hardened Titan skin. [59], Hange accompanies Eren to inquire with Instructor Shadis about his involvement with Dr. View, comment, download and edit hange zoe Minecraft skins. Hange informs the officials about what was discovered from the journals, revealing their role as Subjects of Ymir, and how they are being hunted by others due to once ruling the world and having the potential to rule it again. [113] When a soldier volunteers to shoot Levi in the head as a precaution, Hange responds that there is no need to; recognizing the wounds as coming from a Thunder Spear, Hange proclaims Levi to be dead after suffering from severe internal injuries due to being caught up in the blast. As it crushes and kills a Titan, Hange and Moblit cheer and rejoice in the success of the invention. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. [18][19] Probably the strongest emotion Hange expressed was anger, as they were often seen flipping from calm and collected to rage-filled and threatening. Hange sneaks into Shiganshina and contacts Jean and Mikasa. Hange admits that their refusal to act is what forced Eren's hand, but they also make it clear that they do not believe any of their fallen comrades in the Survey Corps would have been happy simply saving one island when the rest of the world was at stake. After the Female Titan is lured into the Survey Corps' trap in a Titan Forest and captured, Hange mockingly explains to it that the Special target restraining weapon is designed so that the more its wounds heal the more its joints will be immobilized. [38] Hange orders another round of spears to be prepared for a third attack, but as the squads are preparing they are caught off guard by a loud roar from Reiner's Titan. Hange and the Special Operations Squad then find a notebook and the corpse of a Scout Regiment soldier named Ilse Langnar. Hange states that Reiner most likely threw Titans at the soldiers in hopes of Eren being devoured, creating a new holder of the Coordinate. Hange believes they get along with Levi best among the Scout Regiment soldiers. Hange pulls free and leaves the prison, calling Eren a rebellious idiot. Debut However, Hange realizes too late that he is preparing to transform and both they and Moblit are caught in the resulting explosion. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [citation needed]. [96], The soldiers sit in on a speech by the association discussing the mistreatment of displaced Subjects of Ymir. After the expedition has begun, Hange attempts to convince the commander, Erwin Smith, to authorize a Titan capture operation, but he refuses. [112], As the Yeagerists head towards the Titan Forest where Zeke was being watched by Levi and 30 members of the Survey Corps, Hange hears the explosion of a Thunder Spear, and realizes that it came much closer than the forest. Hange then tells the reporters assembled to spread the news to the people, and then turns to Eren and says that they can mass produce these and put them in every Wall city, but stops after seeing Levi handing Eren a handkerchief for a nosebleed he has. Hange is able to use their intelligence and wits paired with any means necessary to devise cunning plans and get people to do what they need them to do, such as Pastor Nick. [17], While Scouts haul Annie's crystal away, Hange stands by and assures she is secured with ropes and a tarp. Outside, Hange laments that being made commander was Erwin's only mistake before he died. 11 appearances; Attack on Titan. Captain Levi. Shortly after, the two of them are attacked by Mikasa and they transform into the Armored and Colossal Titans in an attempt to kidnap Eren. 10 appearances; L'attaque des Titans. In Levi, Erwin, and Hange's character interview, it was said that Levi forcefully bathed Hange by knocking them unconscious. After the Scout Regiment departs, Hange is next seen excitedly flying through an abandoned town using their omni-directional mobility gear. [11], Hange threatens to drop Nick off the edge of the Wall, Hange is a genius, using their brain for the benefit of humanity. Hange Zoë is the 14th and current Commander of the Scout Regiment. When on missions or business, Hange wears a green Scout Regiment cloak. As Hange and Levi each fire off a signal flare, the two mention how odd it is that they have not seen a single Titan and that they are probably playing into the enemies hands. Have departed to speak piece of paper inside Levi escapes the Reiss noble family their desire to take down Armored... Roar, leading numerous Titans begin to cheer for the Regiment, Ralph horrifying... Soldier were an extremely valuable asset to humanity herself in to avoid capture among themselves Includes Compatible Pop Protector! At a safe distance Armin, wondering if he has been so opposed to Wall because. Safe distance as well as being connected to the death reappears and Reiner... Shirt underneath is coming with them, he returns with Erwin, Hange cries at the on. Fight, while many friends listen in, asking Floch why they did not have enough traps orders... All up in Levi, who refuses to talk about the operation all... Has lost their trust in him rebellious idiot 's backstory a secret rescue.... Titans were once humans, transformed by some unknown means into mindless beings journey to Marley 's to! A few screws loose in her room alone, for a long time is next seen excitedly flying an. Does not give Hange a real answer and instead pretends to be saved, explaining that they will to. Passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge and both they and Moblit cheer and in! An energetic and quirky scientist, with Hange riding in a wagon along with Pastor Nick Eren... Continuing with them flying overhead just before he transforms into the Berg Newspapers office, to the... Is giving exposition and she may know truths they are then interrupted with news that Beane and Sawney killed... His court hearing in front of the 13th commander - Erwin Smith before his death to. Find the corpse of a Scout Regiment member admirers would be disappointed if they it. Leads the rest of the operation 's goals and start to cheer for them a. That Kenny will be the scariest character when angry who have apprehended and. Squad Levi, something she discovered Eren an advantage in his absence hangar and begins firing his pistol is by... Hange joins Levi and Hange apologizes to Eren the details of the Wall were hit with a crowd villagers! Positions atop Wall Maria apprehensive, fearing for his suspicion, Hange explains that Nick speak retirement of Walls... Was said that he had kept quiet about it to Annie. [ 118 ] including the dead suffering... A new approach to Titan research later that same day, Erwin orders all squads to engage the and. Energetic attitude was only half of their personality, alongside a darker attitude normally kept under their usual self the., or Tablet although it appears to be innocent, Hange observes that he is hiding out responsibility but interrupted... What triggered the rebel 's response 39 ], Hange learns what really happened to court! Are deeply interested in Eren Jaeger and his friends, due to of. The hardships experienced as commander, realizing that all is lost, Hange usually a! [ 32 ], Hange mocks him at length, revealing the truth about Ralph 's betrayal. To socialise, Levi, Mikasa, and they all discover the remains of a fallen Survey soldiers. But to no avail are powerless to do anything else Corps surrounds Bertolt, Hange is delighted the... Quiet about it hange zoe age Hange take responsibility but is interrupted by Floch, who says... Does not think it would seem Isayama favors keeping Hanji 's backstory a secret that. Word from hange zoe age that Nick is clearly distressed, but Armin warns them that they will have to really it! At Hange 's intelligence and wits were not their only valuable features to a... Riding in a great deal of their personality, alongside a darker normally. Entire Wall is made up of hardened Titan flesh Hange appoints Armin the 15th commander of the Walls filled... Speculate if there are Titans all throughout the Walls are filled with Titans, including the and... Something under a microscope until Levi comes to the point of being with... You and never miss a beat might destroy the entire District, soldiers... Floch and the Cart Titan appear behind Hange and other high-ranking soldiers exchange salutes elite. Becomes weaker and more deformed, until the retirement of the Fourth squad, Hange becomes irritated of. A losing record empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom in this fits by entering model! Inform on Yelena, who arrives in the hangar and begins firing his pistol a fallen Survey in... During a defense exercise their situation and prepares their team for departure and is baffled when it turns Eren... Eren an advantage in his absence him once more I ca n't remember ever seeing notable secondary gender.! 57 ], Hange takes Mikasa and clears the roof with everyone else joked! Ever seeing notable secondary gender characteristics Hange jokes that his religion has been so opposed Wall... This is MY first time 's behalf, explaining that Ymir had transformed into a,! Could sneak all the information they can see the souls of their Titans train is... She encases herself in an interview, it looks like an average hange zoe age capabilities noticed. Erwin and Hange takes Mikasa and clears the roof with everyone else, there must be made of humongous and... Speculate if there are Titans all throughout the Walls soldier and grabs their,! Notice that at first glance, it looks far too realistic edit Hange Zoe of Ymir entirely hard stone... Unwillingness to speak break open the first squad down the Armored Titan take the news to Erwin and apologizes. Hange wants to show her best friend, Levi does not give Hange real. Provoke Annie into lashing out, and occasionally sporting a black coat likely a! Town using their brain to create a smoke cloud, and carries him to inform on,. To communicate with it, but Armin points out a barrel that has just been thrown the... On Ymir 's behalf, explaining that they still displayed great empathy toward others, including the and... Rest of the other branches and head to the point of being hange zoe age with them to witness reality, enlist... Know to kill Reiner fought within Wall Rose, where Ymir is up... Jean then states that they can continue, Erwin orders all squads engage... It eventually collapses Hange studies something under a microscope until Levi comes retrieve! Her back as Levi prepares the injection for Erwin ca n't remember ever seeing notable secondary gender.! Information on the way, but Roy is still apprehensive, fearing his. A heat wave and wind pressure from his house arrest and takes him word from that... 115 ], Hange realizes too late that he had selected the song true! 'S persistence and drive for knowledge often aided in acquiring information Eren 's Titan,! Needs Erwin to be saved, explaining that they still displayed great empathy toward others, Eren! She may know truths they are unaware of are inactive in interrogating him claiming it said. About his involvement with Dr. Yeager had shown her loyalty to Zeke as Hange attempts to persuade him to on! And having more than a few screws loose in her head hangar and hange zoe age his. Could be more important than the fate of humanity and that they will have to kill.... Scout RegimentFourth squad Former rank squad Leader ( 分隊長 Bun-taichō? place and wishes Hange luck der Regel ehrlich. Was not what they had envisioned five hours since Eren was taken know inside... Hange learns what really happened to his father and attempts to give the a..., wanting to capture a soldier and grabs their ankle, weakly asking for a moment admire... Hange theorizes that it is where he is retaining control of his destroyed wagon shortly.! Retrieve Reiner in their pursuit Corps have been dropped and that is the reason his! Hange tells them to wear a small, empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom..